Gold Colored Glass Vases Set of Three


  • Three different sizes
  • Speckles make them look like they’re full of wine
  • A nice vibrant gold color
  • Perfect for special occasions or everyday use

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Gold Colored Glass Vases Set of Three

If you’re looking to enhance your table setting during special get togethers or just in general, check out our set of three gold colored glass vases. These vases are a great addition to any wedding or event.  Proper cleaning of this set after every use will help ensure it lasts for multiple events and get togethers. As with any item, we highly encourage you, if you can, to stop by and check it out before making any decisions. If this item doesn’t interest you, check out this other great item we currently have in stock. Curious about the items we don’t have displayed on this site? Come visit us on Facebook! Contact us via email to discuss shipping options.

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