Lay-a-way Policy

     Only in-store purchases qualify for our thirty (30) or sixty (60) day layaway programs. Online purchases do not qualify for our layaway program.


Below are the Rules/Terms of our in-store layaway program. Our layaway program rules are non negotiable.


No less than one third of the total purchase is required at the time of purchase. Down payments and all subsequent payments all fall under the realm of transactions making them non-refundable. If the total balance of the item is not paid by the end of the pre-agreed plan, the item is put back on the shelf to be resold. Layaway plans cannot be split into smaller separate plans. We will contact the plan holder up to a total of five work days after the plan has ended; afterwards, all attempts to collect payment will end. All layaway plans are final; no exchanges or substitutions are allowed. Management has the discretion to change these rules without notice.

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