Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions:

     The sections below are part of a contractual obligation between you, the user & A J Sales. By reading the sections below, you agree to our general terms of sale. The aforementioned sections are for the protection of both the user’s rights and the rights of A J Sales. 


Changes to the terms & conditions and the website:

     The A J Sales website is a constant work in progress and as such, changes may occur to the website, its content, and the terms and conditions. Management reserves the right to make changes at their discretion and without warning. It is the user’s responsibility to check back regularly for any updates. 


Access to the website:

     We strive to keep the website up and running, but we do not guarantee the website won’t experience interruptions. Whether it’s for maintenance or a service outage, we’ll attempt to keep the interruptions to a minimum. Certain areas of the website will require a password, but this is strictly to promote privacy for the user’s shopping experience.  We will provide a way to reset a password, but it will be the user’s responsibility  to produce a strong password and to inform us if the account is hacked. Once informed, we can take the necessary steps to assist in protecting the user’s information. If the user has the ability to log in, he or she must reset his or her password before notifying us. 


Product information:

A J Sales takes great care in the accuracy of the information and the images of the products posted on the website, but are not held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions to any information given.


Chalk / Plaster Items:

Chalk / plaster products can be very fragile. Even though great care is taken in packaging these items sometimes when we import the items they show signs of rubbing due to shipping. Some items may need touch-up paint applied to spots to restore the items luster and beauty. If an item is damaged or shows signs of chipping then these items will be sold at a discounted rate.

Chalk / plaster products are meant to be inside items and DO NOT have a protective coating on them to protect them from water. Chalk / plaster products have a tendency to breakdown when they get wet. If you intend to put a chalk / plaster product outside then we highly recommend consulting your local hardware store about what product they recommend to use to seal / secure such items from water.



     The prices of products listed on the website do not including shipping and handling. Any such fees are added in to the final total at checkout. If an error occurs in the pricing and is not fixed by the time of checkout, the order will be refunded in full.


Lay-a-way Policy:

     Only in-store purchases qualify for our thirty (30) or sixty (60) day layaway programs. Online purchases do not qualify for our layaway program.


Below are the Rules/Terms of our in-store layaway program. Our layaway program rules are non negotiable.


No less than one third of the total purchase is required at the time of purchase. Down payments and all subsequent payments all fall under the realm of transactions making them non-refundable. If the total balance of the item is not paid by the end of the pre-agreed plan, the item is put back on the shelf to be resold. Layaway plans cannot be split into smaller separate plans. We will contact the plan holder up to a total of five work days after the plan has ended; afterwards, all attempts to collect payment will end. All layaway plans are final; no exchanges or substitutions are allowed. Management has the discretion to change these rules without notice.


Availability of Stock:

     While A J Sales tries to always accurately show the amount of stock in current supply, there is always the chance the particular item will, in fact, be out of stock. If that occurs after a purchase, we will contact the customer to discuss refund options; whether its a partial refund of the item or a refund of the entire order.


In-store Returns:

     There are no refunds on any and all transactions as every item is sold as is; except for two exceptions. The first exception to the rule applies only to these listed large appliances (washers, dryers, & stoves) where a twenty four hour warranty allows for a swap or refund if no replacement is available. In the event one of the aforementioned appliances fail within the twenty four hour period, the faulty item must be returned immediately before any action can take place. The other exception to the rule is if an item becomes unavailable after purchase, due to it selling online, a full refund will be issued.


Online Returns:

     There are no refunds on any and all transactions as every item is sold as is; except for one exception. If an item becomes unavailable after purchase, due to it selling in-store, a full refund will be issued.


Sales Tax & Shipping Charges:

     By purchasing items on this website you are bound by your state’s applicable tax laws and as such are required to pay the necessary tax on all purchases. Large purchases above $500 qualify for free delivery within 100 miles of A J Sales store location. Any large purchases under $500 or further away than 100 miles are subject to a varying shipping charge based on distance. Any large purchases are subject to a possible delay, depending on the schedule of management. Smaller orders are subject to the standard rules brought forth from USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS (United Postal Service), or FedEx. We are not liable for delays caused by USPS, UPS, or Fedex. Smaller orders are guaranteed to ship within 24 hours of purchase, excluding the weekends (Saturday, Sunday).


Order Cancellation:

     Due to the speed in which we process orders, we are unable to cancel a transaction more than 60 minutes after it has been completed. It is the user’s responsibility to immediately cancel the order if an issue arises. 


Email Policy:

     We operate our mailing list as a strict opt in/out scenario. If the user wants to opt out, he or she must click the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every message. If issues with unsubscribing occur, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


Customer Support:

     Require some assistance? We have two options for communication. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-985-247-1385, Monday through Saturday, 8AM-5PM CST.


Feedback & Comments:

      Comments and feedback left on the website by A J Sales customers are screened by staff. If any are considered out of context or inappropriate, A J Sales retains the right to refuse or modify the specific post. By leaving comments on A J Sales website or any social media platforms run by A J Sales, you are giving us permission to use those comments in our advertising.