Gorgeous Chinese Capodimonte Porcelain Lamp Replica


  • Highly detailed craftsmanship.
  • Heavy, but fragile porcelain build.
  • Adorned with lovely Victorian-themed figurines
  • Made in China

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Gorgeous Chinese Capodimonte Porcelain Lamp Replica

Attention porcelain fans! This gorgeous Chinese capodimonte porcelain lamp replica is a perfect item for your home. Use it to help light your room or just as a display. The lamp depicts three people on a love-seat; two women and a man, all in Victorian outfits. The man is teaching the women how to play the violin. The detail to the piece is exquisite and no matter the room it goes on display, people will be naturally drawn to it. Buy multiple lamps and illuminate your entire home! Don’t miss out and grab yours before they sell out! If this item interests you, make sure to check out more of our stock via the links below.

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