Decorative Wooden Chest with Leather Straps


  • Comes in three different designs
  • Comes either with a round top or flat top
  • Purchase on individually or as a set of three
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can stack within each other for ease of movement
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Decorative Wooden Chest with Leather Straps

Fans of interior decorating will love a decorative wooden chest with leather straps. This detailed item comes in three different sizes. If you cannot decide, purchase them all as a set of three. For those looking at the entire set, each chest fits inside of each other making for an easy time moving. The item has a coat of lacquer within and sturdy metal hinges. Proper care will ensure this item can last for many years. If this item isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, check out this other great item currently in stock.

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Set of Three, Large, Small, Medium


Blue with Swirls, New York, Roses

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